About Us

Fisherinfo.com is a product review site providing you with all the information you need about fishing products. Whether you are a newbie or a fishing enthusiast looking forward to making your first big catch, we know how frustrating it can be without the right gear and advice. It gets even more complicated when one cannot differentiate fake from genuine products because the market is full of counterfeits. We also understand that sailing off a fishing dock into the water should bring with it precious memories and enjoyment – a journey we walk with you because nothing beats the satisfaction of a successful catch.

Thus, whether you are looking for the best finishing line for every season, kayaks, or boats – we are here to help through our independent and expert reviews. Our team of writers comprises of  experienced anglers and experts who have dealt with fishing and a wide-range of fishing gear. It is our desire to share this knowledge, that fisherinfo.com has been established. We also provide our readers with information on bowfishing bows, boards, not to mention GPS finders and drones that help you track and locate good fishing spots every time you set sail in pursuit of the day’s catch.