Privacy Policy

General guidelines takes the privacy of our website visitors seriously. In the wake of ever-increasing cybersecurity concerns, we’ve undertaken herein, measures meant to safeguard the safety and confidentiality of those visiting our website. Find in this privacy policy, guidelines that govern usage of accessing information relating to the activities we undertake. Moreover, it defines our relationship with you, how we process, store, use, and transfer information and/or data.

In conformity with recent updates to the General European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our cookie policy herein spells out among other things, internet user privacy rules protecting residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU). By consenting to this policy, note that processes and uses data based on user activity, but, within the constraints of set GDPR international laws.

Amendments to this policy

From time to time, we undertake changes to our user privacy policy and guidelines herein. In so doing, we keep up with new GDPR rules governing the conduct, freedoms, and rights of internet users within the EEA and EU regions. Therefore, we advise with utmost care and attention, read this policy to understand how such updates/amendments affect your browsing experience and/or activities on our website.

How we collect user Data/information

In protecting users from unauthorized access to personal data, we detail the means through which we collect, process, use, or transfer personal details.

Auto-generated user information

Our website cookies automatically generate and collect user information relating to the following:

  • User language preferences.
  • Browsing history.
  • The operating system of a device/gadget you are using to log into this site.
  • Internet protocol address from your internet service provider.
  • The type of browser, its version and domain extensions of referrers and pages you visit – hereafter known as ‘string data’

The auto-generated data/information is defined as non-personal; thus, may seek your consent when providing such details as user-specific information captured in our cookie policy. We further use page tags and web beacon technologies to realize accuracy in these undertakings. Note that we do not share this information without users’ consent given the sensitivity it may entail. Unless the law requires us to do so for purposes of tax reporting. We may also share this information through the expression of legitimate disclosure interest from our partners such as advertisers, Amazon Affiliates, suppliers, investors, and service providers.

Cookie information

Our cookie policy defines both non-personal and personal user data used to improve the general browsing experience, security, and integrity of our website during sign-ins or active engagement with the content on any of our web pages. It covers information such as contact details, user feedback, content submissions, email address, telephone number, age, gender, location, website preferences. does not collect information from minors without the consent of their parents. We also do not combine personal and non-personal data.

Legality and compliance with EU data protection rules collects person and non-personal data on the premise of the following, which are closely tied to EU data laws, rules, and regulations:

  • To safeguard users from possible or imminent harm on the internet such as unauthorized access to personal information from suspicious websites/activities.
  • It spells out a binding legal agreement and obligations stated in our Terms and Conditions, otherwise known as Performance Contract.
  • General cookie policies and guidelines to help improve your browsing experience.

Our privacy policy guarantees the following:

  • Notifying users of data breaches and how to secure sensitive information when using the internet.
  • Redress for complaints arising from data processing.
  • Providing users with information related to the integrity and security of our website such as security certificates and data encryption information.
  • Non-disclosure agreements, unless otherwise required by law or as a result of user consent.

We shall always ensure your safety while also guaranteeing non-alteration of the data/information you provide us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

This Policy was last updated on 26.10.2018